Thank You For Joining The Ether

The Ether
2 min readSep 19, 2020


Thank you for joining The Ether. We cannot express how excited we are to have you participate in a more constructive social experience.

We built The Ether because we do not believe the reputation rewarded via other social networks is indicative of someone’s knowledge or insight.

Current social networks reward users based on outrage, aesthetics and clickbait. These networks are built to encourage the worst behavior in all of us and reward the most destructive version of ourselves.

They reward these destructive behaviors because it generates the most views, and views yield ad-spend for the companies that control those networks. Their business models are built upon pushing social interaction towards polarization and animosity.

We are building an alternative social experience that rewards users based on the values we hold dear: rationality and logic. In The Ether, users earn more reputation based on the quality of their arguments, not on the amount of outrage they generate.

Our reputation system, XP, gives insight into what subjects users have built their expertise in, not how aesthetically pleasing they are nor how much money they have made nor what prestigious institutions they have been a part of.

This XP will be a non-transferable NFT that users can utilize in order to interact with other Web 3.0 applications; it will be a reputation system that can be used throughout crypto to better signal knowledge and insight versus traditional metrics, such as follower count.

The Ether facilitates constructive rational debate for the Ethereum community. These debates are meant to better signal what people are “for” or “against” and their reasons why.

The debates can be utilized as a quantifiable signal for why the community wants certain EIPs to be implemented, or what layer two scaling solution should be prioritized. Furthermore, these debates can be employed to gauge sentiment of community members about changes to certain Ethereum projects.

In essence, The Ether aims to turn the debate process required to signal community sentiment from one that is based on emotion to one that is based on logic.

We plan on giving our community the power of self-moderating — both in terms of who can moderate and how.

We are not backed by anyone, and the only people we will ever serve is you, the community members of The Ether. It’s just you and us, together.

Welcome to The Ether.